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  1. hazitgood

    Burn tool not burning

    Just to reiterate, this is still an issue after the new update (not that I would have expected it to be fixed this fast) but I believe this is an important feature of any photo editor so I want to keep this in the eyes of the developers.
  2. hazitgood

    Burn tool not burning

    That's very strange, but thanks for work around. I still think it needs looking at though.
  3. hazitgood

    Burn tool not burning

    ok, I'm not sure if it is super easy to see through screenshots rather than use, but here it goes. The first screenshot is the image before burning, the second I've put two thick lines of burn through the image, the top one with protect hue off, the lower one with it on, both at 100% opacity and flow (not what I would actully use but it seems to show what I'm talking about. focusing on the bottom one, it looks to me as though the burn tool is not 'burning out the shadows, as much as putting a dark grey brush stroke over the top. the blacks do not go super black, but rather just a slightly darker grey. with the way it treats highlights, it looks to my eye more like I had 'midtones' selected, and everything comes out looking more grey than burned in. Hopefully, that makes sense...
  4. hazitgood

    Burn tool

    @Jowday I think it's something pretty important to add in asap even for just the dodge and burn, they are two of the most important tools in a photo editor to me.
  5. I've noticed the burn tool doesn't really burn in details and 'shadows' so much as act as a dark grey brush tool. Not to compare to PS, but I think in it's current form its not super useful. Unless I'm using it wrong?
  6. I've noticed that the burn tool on the 'shadows' setting seems to do little more than a dark grey overlay, which isn't really useful as a burn tool. Not to compare with PS, but I feel like it should be able to 'burn out' the darker details, but in it's current iteration it feels more like I'm using the paint brush. Am I just using it wrong, or is this an issue with the tool it's self?
  7. I've noticed this issue too, the only work around I've found is to literally crop each and every image, which is insane with large groups of images.
  8. It's 2019, I just shifted from Adobe, and I'm very keen for this feature excited for the coming updates!