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  1. How do I get Affinity-edited photos to sync back to iOS photos? I do see in other forums that there is a way to export the photo as a separate, new photo in photos. However, I am looking for it to sync back automatically after being edited. Here is the workflow I use when working with photos on MAC that I am looking to mimic on iPad: Open Photos for MAC app --> right-click photo I want to edit --> Select edit with Affinity Photos --> Affinity Photo opens with the selected photo, edit the photo in Affinity Photo --> hit save and the photo automatically updates (updates sync) back in the Photos app. On iPad, the export method has a few disadvantages I'd like to avoid: 1. Exporting the photo back to Photos makes a duplicate of the photo, which I don't want. I want 1 version of the photo. 2. When exporting back the photo loses it's accurate date taken information that keeps it in the correct timeline order in Photos. That also means that not only will it be a copy of another photo already in Photos, but it will also be in a different spot. These disadvantages probably sound rather insignificant when doing occasional edits to photos, and I agree. In my case, I am editing photos on Affinity every day, and using Photos to keep photos organized. If the ability to sync the edited photo back to Photos doesn't yet exist on Affinity for iPad, is it something Affinity is working on for a future release? Is it something that iOS for iPad limits? Thank you :-).