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  1. Hey Zachman this fix from Gabriel has worked for me, click the assistant icon and the RAW engine from Serif Labs to Apple RAW (if you are using a Mac that is) and then you should be good to go. All my Fuji .RAF images open just fine now.
  2. Gabe thanks so much for your help this seems to have work. Not sure how or why but glad I am able to edit my RAW images!
  3. Hi Gabe thanks for your help, hope we can get this sorted out. I've uploaded the RAW file, but it's not just this file, it's all the images I've taken in the past few days. The second file (0590) I took a couple months ago and it opens just fine. DSCF1111.RAF DSCF0590.RAF
  4. In the past I have had no issues with .RAF Fuji Raw files, from both my X-100F, and more recently my X-T3, but in the past couple days when opening RAW files all I get is this sliver of the image, with a black bar at the top. the information shows the image is only 6.30 MP. Same thing happens when opening in Designer, however the full image opens just fine in Preview and Pixelmator. Someone please help!!!
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