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  1. I’ve been using affinity photo for the iPad for a while now and mainly working with jpg files, I tried to open a raw file today to edit about 24mb and each time the wheel spins and then the app quits. I’m using iPad Pro 10.5” latest IOS and Affinity version..I probably have 400 or so images in the program on my iPad.. Any suggestions or ideas why
  2. Im using Affinity Photo on my iPad. I have two of the same photo each on a different layer and want to use different settings to bring out some areas of the photos. Where do I find instructions on how to mask part of a layer so in the attached photo I want to bring out the foreground with the rocks with a little more detail without affecting the background.
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    Export Types

    Thank you very much for the info.
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    Export Types

    I am editing Raw files in Affinity Photo for the iPad, I also have the desktop version. I have an image I needed to touch up and am wondering what is the best file format to export to. This will be for a large print probably 40x60, so I want to maximize the quality of the image and export.