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  1. @Joachim_L But, it looks like the alignment has changed on the document in your screenshot.
  2. @Joachim_L Thank you for the screenshot. Can you please share one more screenshot of removing the heart layers and place some other object in that layer?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to create a pattern design template. I've designed some objects and added it to the "symbols" library. If I save the affinity designer document and send it to my client, can he/she be able to use my "symbols library with sync enabled" in that document? Or He has to change each and every same objects in that pattern. Please check my attached template file. If you could open this document with the "symbols" library sync enabled, please share me the screenshot. Thank You mypattern_template.afdesign
  4. Hi @Gabe, I changed the renderer settings to my dedicated GPU. It worked fine with no slow performance issues. Then, I did one more test with my Intel GPU. I uninstalled my display driver and reinstalled the latest driver. And I did a "reset user defaults" in affinity designer (CTRL+ launch AD). Now it works fine with no issues on my Intel GPU. Thank you @carl123 and @Gabe for your help and support.
  5. I have changed the renderer from Intel to warp. And, it works fine. I found no black overlay issues until now. But, some times it's slower when changing fonts from the font menu. I will test this with my dedicated GPU and will update to you.
  6. Hi @Gabe, I have installed the latest affinity designer beta ( I face the same issue in the beta version too. Please have a look at the screenshot (issue_on_beta.gif). Thank You
  7. Hi @Gabe, I'm sorry, if my information was not clear. Please have a look at the screenshots. Hope you understand what I'm trying to say. You could see the screen jump while dragging the canvas (issue.gif). It freezes for a second and a black screen overlaid on the canvas. And, when I zoomed out the black overlay disappears. The "normal.gif" is just a comparison (I don't face this issue all the time). NORMAL.GIF ISSUE.GIF
  8. Hi,@Gabe I use graphic tablet only. I used to "pan" the canvas with MMB (assigned in pen). But, sometimes, the canvas freeze for a sec, while I pan the canvas (when zoomed in). Then the black screen appeared. When I zoomed out one step (with CTRL -), the black screen disappeared. I face this issue every day three to four times. But, not frequently.
  9. Hi, The canvas turns into black some times (Especially when zoom in + pan). When I zoom out, it becomes normal. Kindly have a look at the screenshot. And, I couldn't regenerate this issue. It sometimes happens (not frequently). Note: I have all my drivers updated to the latest version. Version: Affinity Designer Operating System : Windows 10 Pro CPU : Intel i3-4005U with Intel HD 4400 Graphics GPU: NVIDIA 820m 2GB Tablet : One by Wacom (CTL-471)
  10. Hi @GabrielM, Thank you for the replay. I enabled those three options in color under preferences. And It shows the flame with the background. Thanks again.
  11. Hi, Few days back I read a tweet from troy_s (Troy James Sobotka), about "How to check any image editing software that treats the alpha channel from an EXR file correctly?" I checked the file with affinity photo and got different results. Here is the tweet link. Click here You can see how Krita and Fusion treating the alpha channel from the same exr file. And, I have opened the exr and enabled (associate openexr alpha channels - in preference > color). Please check the result in screenshot 2 And i have opened the image after disabling ("associate openexr alpha channels - in preference > color") I can't see the candle light with the background layer. I could see only the black background, instead of alpha enabled candle light and color background. - screenshot 1 And, I checked the file in krita and BMD Fustion. Those software's showed the candle light with alpha. Please check the screenshots - 3,4 I have attached that exr file here. I'm not sure whether its a bug. And, I'm sorry if my English is not good. candle.exr
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