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    node tool behavior unpredictable

    thank you so much for the prompt reply. so if I understand correctly, the node tool & magnifying glass issues are being worked on, and the screen tearing is behaving as intended? a "solution" to the screen tearing could be an option in the navigation studio (or main settings) to set a max zoom percentage -- this would make encountering it less unexpected (and perhaps save some performance overall). similarly, a simple option to disable the magnifying glass would fix both the issue it has popping up with the apple pencil and needlessly popping up when using a finger as a modifier press. if I can do anything else to help identify/replicate these bugs, just let me know!
  2. right, just bought this app, and I am more than a little confused about the behaviour of the node tool. it seems pretty well-established that it is laggy and imprecise (something that would have been nice to know before purchasing), but there seems to be other things that are broken: node tool has erratic behavior when selecting a node to drag -- sometimes it drags it, sometimes it grabs the control handles magnifying glass randomly appears and persists (what is this even supposed to do? there's no option or even documentation for it, and it just obstructs lines) magnifying glass appears on the same touch as when touching with one finger to use the modifier awful screen tearing when zoomed in precision work is impossible. can someone please help me understand the behaviours of the node tool here, and are there fixes for any of these issues? (the lag and impreciseness are also present when manipulating any other nodes outside of the node tool -- resizing a shape, for example.) ipad pro 10.5 + apple pencil / ios 12.1.1 / designer A7DB13E7-245B-4AAF-A96B-6451C11AD05D.MP4 E7674E8A-3A01-4ACD-A4F1-16162679F4D6.MP4