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  1. 1 hour ago, babmo said:

    @pawsys This setting should make the brush strokes paths. Do you export an EPS? Copying the paths to Illustrator still expands them, so export is the only solution I‘m aware of.


    thanks for your help. I think you are referring to the desktop version. The same thing works on iPad except I also had to reset the "drag handles to adjust pressure" curve to default flat line.

  2. I created a drawing using vector brushes on Affinity Designer for iPad. I tried all the vector export options (svg, eps). When I opened the document in Illustrator all the brushes looks wrong. There is no drawing path (shapes are exported as outlines) and everything is exported with flat fills (all the brushes textures are gone). Does anybody have idea how to fix it? Is there a way to play with the vector brushes on the desktop?