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  1. thanks for the reply, it looks like i will go back to my initial software to do some icon jobs ..
  2. in fact what I am asking is not how to make it, but whether affinity can divide with curves that are not interconnected, like in AI, and Inkscape. because when I did it it didn't work.
  3. I want to ask something, whether in affinity designer we cannot divide objects with curves that are not connected to each other, because when I do it the curve is like forcing to connect to each other, so the results I want to get are different. (more detailed information can be seen in the screenshot that I attached) And there is one more question, is there certainty when the expand stroke will be fixed? because of the severe bug in the expand stroke I had difficulty passing the icon on the artboard with a small size (under 100px), finally I returned to version 1.5.0 because there I saw a bug in the expand stroke not too severe. is there good news when this bug is fixed?