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  1. I've attached the afpub file and the exported PDF. To my mind it seems as if all the text, lines and images (the loco on the bottom LH corner) in the original colour document were converted when I set the colour profile to grey, but the two new images were not converted properly when I pasted them into the doc - they display in AF Pub as grey but a colour in the PDF. John NG&I Review Renewal 118 - print in BW.pdf NG&I Review Renewal 118 - print in BW.afpub
  2. Hi Pauls, I just tried exporting in all the PDF/X formats and they all have the images in colour. The image that was in the document before I set the colour profile correctly displays and outputs in greyscale. It is the two colour images that were pasted in later that display in greyscale but output as colour. John
  3. I believe I have found a bug in build 249 but it could be my ignorance of using the software. I had a document containing colour text and images but I needed to create a black & white version so I assigned the Grey/8 colour profile to it. This changed all the content to grey when viewing in Publisher and the exported PDF was also greyscale - so far so good. I then pasted in some additional content which was a mix of colour text and colour images. This was all displayed as greyscale in publisher, however the exported PDF still had the images in colour - the copied in text was correctly greyscale. I tried changing the profile of the whole document to CMYK and then back to grey but this did not fix it. The only way I could get a grey PDF was to convert it using mac tools. I've attached a screenshot showing the affinity view and the PDF in preview side by side. It seems as if the grey colour profile is not properly being honoured for images when pasting in the mixed content. John
  4. Hi Chris, It's not that easy to reproduce. I've attached a file which has a table and a group in each of the top two rows. Then: I clicked on the lower group in the page to select it and then shift+click to select the top one, i.e. selected the two groups. I then did CMD-C CMD-V which pasted over the top I then dragged the two new groups down the page - AND TO THE RIGHT (this seems to trigger the bug) The images within the groups and the original groups then move all over the place. I've attached a screenshot. It feels like it's related to cropped images (which this one is) as I've done this with lots of other images with no ill effects. John Complements slips test.afpub
  5. I discovered a problem today with misplaced cropped images when pasted. It took me a while to work out what was happening and I'm not sure I could reproduce it reliably. I had prepared a small group which had some text blocks and images one of which was cropped. I was copying this group and pasting it to make multiples (they are labels I'm going to cut up after printing). I got fed up with pasting them singly so selected several groups at once to paste in bulk. I then realised the cropped image within the pasted groups were not only badly misplaced but had lost the cropping. This only happened with the multi group select, copy and paste - images in the single copy of the group were ok. It happened twice on two different documents (different labels) so do think it's a bug. John