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  1. Hi Chris, It's not that easy to reproduce. I've attached a file which has a table and a group in each of the top two rows. Then: I clicked on the lower group in the page to select it and then shift+click to select the top one, i.e. selected the two groups. I then did CMD-C CMD-V which pasted over the top I then dragged the two new groups down the page - AND TO THE RIGHT (this seems to trigger the bug) The images within the groups and the original groups then move all over the place. I've attached a screenshot. It feels like it's related to cropped images (which this one is) as I've done this with lots of other images with no ill effects. John Complements slips test.afpub
  2. I discovered a problem today with misplaced cropped images when pasted. It took me a while to work out what was happening and I'm not sure I could reproduce it reliably. I had prepared a small group which had some text blocks and images one of which was cropped. I was copying this group and pasting it to make multiples (they are labels I'm going to cut up after printing). I got fed up with pasting them singly so selected several groups at once to paste in bulk. I then realised the cropped image within the pasted groups were not only badly misplaced but had lost the cropping. This only happened with the multi group select, copy and paste - images in the single copy of the group were ok. It happened twice on two different documents (different labels) so do think it's a bug. John