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  1. Hey! I have found the solution to my copy paste problem! One (or both) of my RAMs were broken, and that caused all the troubles. I changed the RAMs and now everything works.
  2. Well yes, it seems that my Office is also updated. But the copy paste problem still stays. If something changes I let you know, right now I'm using Coping to notepad and then recopying to Affinity or paste as Unicode. I also found out, that there have been similar problems before:
  3. The selection is blue or grey. Box that appears when you are dragging cursor over text to copy it.
  4. I tried, the new version, and problem stays. I noticed, that if I select text, then if the selection is blue, text pastes, but when it is gray, it comes over as squares or rectangles. Maybe it is important information, I don't know?!?! I also tested Excel, and coping from there is no problem. Both versions are accepting pasted text. Weird!
  5. No, not yet. Is there any possible way to maybe try some other Affinity Designer build. Just to confirm that the bug is somewhere else.
  6. Maybe it is the whole office problem? Because Coping from outlook is also impossible, I haven't tried Excel yet
  7. Something happened, I can copy text from Web and from Notepad. Still no luck with coping from Word.
  8. Yes, I tried to copy from web pages and from outlook, the problem is still there. I haven't tried to copy from notepad yet. I also changed the folder name to 1.0.backup and the problem still exists.
  9. Well, I tried changing the language but the problem still exists. Still question marks inside rectangles. I think changing Pasting as Unicode works, but it feels like too much hassle for so basic thing.
  10. Yes, Pasting as Unicode works. Is that something I have to do every time I copy something or I can make it standard somehow?
  11. Windows language is English. Input language is Estonian. As far as I know, I don't use any Clipboard Manager Software. screenshot added.
  12. Hey! I think I've found a Bug! I tried to Copy text from Word document to Affinity Designer Document and all that appears are little blocks with question marks inside. It seems, that I can't copy text to Affinity Designer from anywhere, except from affinity Designer itself. I'm using Affinity Designer
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