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  1. in Affinity photo 1.7.1 when I try the Merge down technique my layers are no longer transparent, they also merge with the background.
  2. Thanks for letting me know about the update, seems packed. I installed it, ran the test again and... it's still there. Might have something to do with sub-pixels.
  3. How to reproduce? 1. start with a pixel layer that has some content in it, something with clear edges so you can see the difference, like an icon 2. duplicate it so you can compare before and after 3. make a selection of it 4. move it away and drop You will notice that the contents of the layer you just moved is now a bit blurry. Before and after attached. Using Affinity Photo 1.6.7 on Mac.
  4. Just a had a really embarrassing moment when trying to export some mockups I wanted to pass to another designer. Horrible export options with unpredictable loss of data! Am I using a hobbyist's software? Together with the +1 pixel issue on exports for print (see below) Affinity Designer just isn't production ready. Please fix this because I really like the software otherwise.
  5. Hei MEB, Please re-open the issue because sub-pixels value affect print exports. Test case: (1) create an artboard of 20 × 20mm for print, (2) add a rectangle the size of the artboard and fill it with a color, (3) export the arboard as jpeg or eps. What you'll get is 1 extra pixel on right edge and 1 at the bottom edge. It's because the 20 × 20mm artboard translates to 236,22 × 236,22 px and the 0,22px need and entire pixel to fit. I understand how .jpeg could be an issue, but please consider the following use cases: exporting for some CNC where precision matters having an eps that some other designer could use as a linked/embedded/placed file creating a logo package I'm thinking that having a bleed might fix part of the issue, but it's highly impractical when you consider that designers often grab (select) things from one artboard and move it to their working artboard. In this case you might not notice the bleed. I really enjoy the Affinity, I even gave up on every Adobe product I had, but this issue is a real bother. Please let help me find a Real solution, one that considers every point I raised earlier. Thanks, Valentin P.S.: The files I was working on when I discovered the issue. avangarda_logoPrint.afdesign avangarda_logo-CMYK20x20mm.eps

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