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  1. williecorrea

    png imge not printing transparently

    Thanks, be aware that this did not happen with my previous Mac Os version because I printed about 20 copies with no png issue.
  2. williecorrea

    png imge not printing transparently

    Thanks for your fast response...The file contains 3 artboards because I was trying different sizes. I successfully printed about 10 to12 prints using artboard 1 and 2. I also made English versions with no issues. I am printing from directly from the artboards because I am using a nice creamy stock paper and just want text and image to show on top of the creamy paper and that's what I have been getting until now or after the mac 10.14.2 update. It seems to make a mask thus covering the png image. I have a cloud subscription to PS and LR but I am promoting Affinity to those who are just starting graphic design or just can't afford PS. The Wind ( Soplo el Viento).afdesign
  3. williecorrea

    png imge not printing transparently

    Tried to print a Designer file I created and have printed successfully in the past but today the png in the document keeps printing with some kind of shaded mask, making the image lose its transparency. Had to export the image from Affinity into PS and PS had no issue with it. Exporting as png crashes Affinity. I was able to copy from Affinity and paste into PS to make it work and print transparently. The uploaded FAILED files is the one with the issue. macOS Mojave 10.14.2 on Imac I think I used the previous version without issues, except that version also would crash when exporting png. Thanks