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  1. Add me to the list of people desperate for a vector pattern fill feature. This is not optional for me, it is essential for the work I do, and bitmap fills simply won't cut it. Please, please, please! Vector pattern fills as soon as possible. Really. Please drop everything else and work on that! Until I can do that, I'm stuck with Illustrator.
  2. Odd. I can see thumbnails of both my Sony and my old Canon (and Olympus and Panasonic) raw files when importing from iCloud. Are you running the latest iOS (10.3.2) and the latest version of AP (1.6.2)? Have you tried giving your iPad a soft reset?
  3. No ideas here. But I have had no problems loading full 6000 x 4000 raw files from my camera's (Sony A7II) SD card using the SD card/lightning adapter into Photos, and then opening them in AP. Are you certain that your camera is in fact loading the full raw files into Photos on your iPad?
  4. I've experienced the same result. After adding photos, The Stich menu is unavailable, and hitting OK crashes the app.
  5. There's one more: 4. With the file open, tap the document icon, select Export then tap the Share button on the bottom left of the interface and select Save Image in the bottom left corner of the pop up menu. The image will then be saved in your iPad's Camera Roll.
  6. I'd give my eye teeth to be able to dump Illustrator (my main work software) and switch to Designer. But the sad fact is that Designer is missing too many of features that I need to do my (technical illustration) work. I've bought it, and with every update I check in and see if it's ready for prime time. But every time I end up disappointed again. Don't get me wrong, it's a great choice for those who do color, freeform designs. But my work is technical, and black and white only. So many of the whiz-bang features of Designer are of no use to me whatsoever. But that's the direction Serif seems interested in going. So...
  7. Yes, I eventually saw that message, and that did the trick. Here's hoping they figure out a fix that allows for metadata export.
  8. The tutorials are helpful, but there's so much in this app that is left unexplained that it's a high hurdle to overcome. Some sort of user guide is necessary. For instance, in the Develop Persona, what's the difference between Brightness and Exposure? They seem to have almost identical effects. On the Command Menu, what does Sync Before, Sync After, and Swap Before/After do? I've been a Photoshop user for 20 years now, and have used Lightroom as long as it has been around. But much of what I encounter using Affinity Photo is an utter mystery to me. I can't be the only one baffled by much the interface.
  9. Same problem here. When I try to export a developed raw file (Sony A7II), the app just gives me a spinning beachball while trying to generate an exported jpeg. Seems to work fine exporting a png and tif, but jpegs have yet to work. And in desperation I've wiped and set up my 9.7" iPad Pro as a new device, with only Affinity Photo for the iPad and the default Apple apps. Nothing else. Right now the app is useless to me as a traveling raw developer.
  10. I have a similar problem with Sony A7II raw files. I can import and edit them, but when I try to export them as jpegs, the "Generating export..." spinning beachball spins endlessly, but it never completes the task. With no other options to try, I've just wiped and set up my 9.7" iPad Pro as a new device, with no other software other than Affinity Photo and the automatically installed Apple apps. It will export a png and a tiff (slowly), but I've had zero success exporting a jpeg. And that makes this app fairly useless to me as a traveling raw development device. Can anyone provide a solution?
  11. Add another request for arrowheads. But keep up the good work. You're getting closer.
  12. I very much would like to buy this app, mainly because I would love to jettison Illustrator from my workflow before some future Mac OS renders my CS5 suite unusable. But right now Designer is not yet there for me. I do technical illustration (patent drawings), and so my needs are quite different from what seems to be your target customer. Among the tools that I cannot do without: 1. Tiled fills — I need to fill enclosed areas with a variety of different patterns, from hash lines to environmental patterns such as wood, glass, sand, concrete, metal, plastic, etc. In many cases, I need to create my own patterns and cannot rely on "canned" fills provided by other designers. 2. Dashed lines — I need to be able set the length of the lines and spaces. 3. Arrowheads — I need to be able to edit their shape and size. 4. Blended objects — I need to be able to create complex, grouped shapes, and then distribute them along a path. I work only in black and white, so any color features are wasted on me. And I need to be able to import .dxf and .dwg files from CAD programs and maintain their editablity. These are minimum requirements for me, and I hope that you will consider eventually adding some of the tools that those of us who work in the technical illustration field will find useful. In the mean time, best of luck to you!
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