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  1. YESS! HEIC formats are on board :) this is the end of Adobe Photoshop for my part.
  2. Hi Larsh, Thank you for the suggestion - I still cannot figure it out, though. I attach screenshots of my attempts. I have made a character style called TOC test 1, wich is Arial 14 pt bold, and aplly it to the TOC text frame, but an update simply reverts the TOC content to Arial 12 regular, no matter where I try to find a permanent style for the TOC text box.
  3. Hi Forum, I can't figure out how to keep the paragraph style of a table of contents text box, when it updates. I want the font to be Arial 14 Bold, but on updating it resets to Arial 12 regular. How do you set the TOC text frame to a specific text style? Best MortenWB
  4. Hi, Every time I try to place more than 1 picture at a time on a page, Publisher chrash and shut down immediately, and then the OS prompts for [ignore, report or reopen]. Best Morten
  5. Right, might be an idea for the devs - could potentially tempt a few MS Word users to migrate.
  6. Right, MikeW, as replied to Walt I just found that shift-clicking the flowtriangle did the trick! One last thing, though: is it possible to have Publisher adding new page automatically when just writing out of the current frame?
  7. OHH, sorry Walt - just checked, and the shift-click works perfectly. Thanks for the tip
  8. Yes, but I often paste a lot of text, wich means a lot of manual page-adds and shift-clicks. The trick from Indesign are that you create a text frame in the master, switch to the page, activate the master text frame and when you then paste text Ind. automatically add pages with linked text frames displaying all content immediately.
  9. I would like to suggest the possibility to automatically create new pages when text exceed the text frame. Indesign does that with a master text frame you can access from within any given page based on the particular master.
  10. I believe it would be a very good idea to support import/export of indesign files. I have a lot of these, but are more than willing to switch from Adobe to Affinity if I could keep on working on my stack of INDD documents.
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