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  1. Not sure if there's a way to up vote this but I support it. I have a project with over a 100 files, keeping them in sync with desktop isn't easy.
  2. I have a project with about a hundred .afdesign files on an iPad pro. I've set up the save location as iCloud Drive and the files save correctly there. But every time I make a change to an image I'm thinking I need to Save the file again to ensure it's properly synced to iCloud. Is that right? Is there a way to do this automatically as it's becoming a drag to ensure that all files are saved correctly. (The iPad is backed up to iCloud in case of disaster but that's not the same thing.) I've also noticed that somehow the default save location has switched to "On my iPad" and the last 20 files are not saved in iCloud. I've switched it back but when I resave the files there's no option to switch location. Do I need to duplicate the files then re-save them to iCloud. Or have I missed something? Very grateful if someone could clarify. Thanks.
  3. Mark999

    Saving files on iPad

    OK thanks. Should I raise a feature request or is this already on your backlog?
  4. Mark999

    Saving files on iPad

    Gabe, thanks very much. Are there any plans to set things up in the future so that files sync directly without having to do this?

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