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  1. I purchased  PhotoPlus 4 thru 8 - my computer crashed and lost most info... I had purchased PhotoPlus 7 on disk.. The others I still have on disk is 6&7. But I do not have activation keys for them.

    Also I have lost PagePlus 8 as I bought it as a download and cannot find a way to recover it. but I have confirmation letter with Activation key.

    Also I have disk for DrawPlus 5 but no activation key that I can find.

    As you can see I was a good customer until computer crashed. Now with a new one I cannot afford to start all over. Please help me. 

    My name is Walter May and sure there must be something on file with these things on it


    Thanks Walter


    Your Serif.docx

    Your order with Serif Inc. page plus docx.docx

    Draw plus x8 registration #.docx

    draw 8 Capture.JPG

    Download Software page 8 .docx

    1. DWright


      I have reactivated your download and sent you an email with a download link and your Serif product keys.


    Hey. Sorry, I do not know how to solve the problem. No item in the toolbox is clickable. What can be wrong?

    1. Leigh


      Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

      Please use the Questions section in the main forum to post any questions you may have. This is the private feed area of a user like you.

  3. Hola, soy Josman.

    Acabo de recibir un mail, donde me indican que Affinity Photo ya está actualizado para IOS11 en iPad Pro.

    Al intentar abrir la sesión no recuerdo la contraseña, así que le digo que la he olvidado. Me pide que le envíe mi correo y me enviarán un mail para restablecer contraseña.

    He seguido todos los pasos pero no recibo ningún correo.

    Que puedo hacer?

    El Affinity Photo para iPad que tengo instalado en mi iPad Pro, se actualiza automáticamente?

    Espero vuestra ayuda, muchas gracias y un saludo

    1. MEB


      Hi Josman,

      Bienvenido a los Foros Affinity :)

      Abra la aplicación App Store en iPad, toque en el icono de actualizaciones en la parte inferior y presione el botón de actualización frente a la aplicación Affinity Photo.