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  2. Deleted the iPhoto library, which naturally no longer is searched. But to my surprise, the Photos library is not searched. I guess I don't need that ability much, but would appreciate if someone has an idea to restore that. I had thought that this library search was a new feature of 1.7. Thanks to all for the suggestions; problems were solved, and something learned.
  3. Bumping for the next version, as I think this is very important and could help people perceive this app as more Pro
  4. It's like, you paint on the mask, and nothing happens. I mean, WTH?
  5. I can confirm. My files created by the previous version of AFDesignher were printed with black background. What Steve Casey suggested (setting Model to Tiled AND Layers to Screen ) solves the problem. The actual cause of what happened is subject for research for your developers but till it is fixed this Steve's method is a good workarond for everybody who has this problem. Thank you, Steve!
  6. Another version, another bump. I think this is very important to have at the RAW development stage before you throw away info during conversion.
  7. This is a bug regarding adjustment layers. So I have a picture open and I make a brightness adjustment. Apart from the fact that the layer mask isn't automatically added to the adjustment layer, like in PS - but I can live w/ that - when I do make adjustments, they are not reflected in the file. Like I paint on the layer mask I just manually added in black or white, and it's like I never did anything. This isn't just an issue w/ the new beta, it's been an issue. Is this a memory problem? What is going on here?
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  9. Sahlsmith

    Inpainting Not Working

    Well, as fate dictates, I discovered the answer after posting my plea for help. I needed to create a pixel layer and set the context for the Inpainting Brush to “Curren layer and below”. Once I’d edited the photo and merged the two layers, I finished my adjustments. The telephone poles and wires are gone and the photo is ready to present.
  10. Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly - I understand your explanation.
  11. as title goes, once i check LOCK CHILDREN on for a shape with objects inside, designer turns itself to a frame by frame animation. PLS fix this
  12. johnfischer23

    Adobe Illustrator Issues

    Wow... all I can say is Wow!!! You really went above and beyond...I'm impressed and grateful. Actually I was able to do what I needed, once I stumbled onto the Artboard tool
  13. Affinity iPad Student

    Affinity Photo iPad Dotted Lines - How?

    You are the man! Thanks Alfred
  14. You rock! Thanks for pointing this out! I never would have thought there was a setting for it.
  15. OK, I got a bit excited. My apologies for being a bit rude. I had a task I'd been putting off, so I was frustrated in my good intentions. This morning, things seem to be back to normal. For the record, it is a Win 10 Home machine, v 1803, os build 17134.829. product version is I was using my Wacom tablet and stylus. Periodically I do have problems with the tablet, particularly with the cursor not updating to the correct one for the tool being used. A reboot generally fixes things. For now I will get back to work. If I have further problems that seem related, I may post again. Thank you for your attention to my problem.
  16. You can copy an existing dashed line and ‘Paste Style’ onto a stroke in an Affinity Photo document, but since there are no controls for editing it in APh it’s rather limiting. dashed.afphoto
  17. Ulysses Exporting slices

    This is probably related to the issue I reported a few days ago about the New Batch Job feature also not working well with cloud storage (although in on update 141 it seems saving to iCloud is working properly.)
  18. Oh, ok, so we're only halfway there. That will be interesting. I will test a little more. Kinda funny, space savings from using native document file such as .afphoto or .psd is lost because of the embedding (make a separate .TIF to switch to linking and we're not saving much space). Anyway look forward to further improvement.
  19. bugga bugga bugga -- just added 1.7 and ''place'' is not working as before computer did not seem happy after downloading/installing so it was turned off/on a couple times --- still not a happy camper as before ''Place'' did work with one tiff file only at a time now files in the "edit" folder don't show when ''place' is clicked; but do so if "open" is used --- just checked and the same happens when any folder selected. Hells bells it's hard using a right hand mouse in the left hand instead of the right hand that has been "out of action" for a month due to a damn tennis elbow Cheers
  20. Affinity iPad Student

    Affinity Photo iPad Dotted Lines - How?

    @Alfred Dang it. I typed affinity photo in the search and that’s what came up. sucks. I’ll have to find some png dot lines now. Thanks
  21. Just some early results from me and comments after reading some of this thread... having migrated from Quark to InDesign years ago, I found at that time that converters didn't really do the best job. If you are talking about handing files back and forth and you think you are going to do that between different applications, it's a waste of time. Converting should be a one way thing really. Anyway, what I've found is that Publisher does a great job of opening PDFs. I always had a habit of saving PDF versions of all projects (that's how we would do proofs anyway). Today I opened a 32 page full colour publication from a PDF. It was good enough that I could probably just tweak or make necessary changes and go to press. If I wanted to fully regain layout functionality, I would need to recreate master pages, styles, and re-link columns and text boxes back into stories. Not that hard really. When we went from Quark to InDesign for our magazines I just created a new template in InDesign from scratch, including master pages, text and object styles. That was a good time to clean up our styles and layout, and didn't take that much time. So for me I've come to realise that I don't actually need to open my InDesign files. I have the PDFs for existing work, and so far either Designer or Publisher has been able to open them to use as necessary.
  22. Your screenshot is from Affinity Photo. The Stroke Studio is only available in Designer.
  23. I read and tried to follow @Alfred suggestion, in the following thread from awhile ago. I must be going blind. I do not see a “stroke studio” in the studios area. My brushes do not have a “dotted line brush” was this removed? several updates since then. I know alfred is correct, I just cannot find for some reason.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Like you, I don’t understand why the default behaviour is different with two images selected instead of just one. Having said that, you can tell the app to pick a way and stick with it!
  26. In the Tone Mapping persona, the sliders for various adjustments such as Exposure, Black Point, etc. hesitate when making adjustments. In other words, you can slide a slider but the effect doesn't show immediately. This is using OpenGL based on the problems encountered with the clone tool using Metal. Really makes it tough to do adjustments when you have to guess where to put the slider, then wait for the change to happen. Makes it very much trial and error as opposed to real-time.
  27. I just watched it. He explains that vector layers do not constrain by default, but images layers do. But the video doesn't explain why when I select 2 image layers (not vector) it doesn't constrain by default. The underlying question is WHY there is a different behaviour between scaling images, vectors, and multiple images. Unless someone can explain why anyone would want this, it seems just like an arbitrarily made decision. At least if Affinity did it one way, I could get used to it. Consistency is key to efficiently and usability. Expectation as well. None of the above behaviour is how I would expect a professional graphics program to act. First, using shift to NOT constrain is crazy and backwards to pretty much any graphic designer's way of thinking. In fact, Affinity goes against it's own rule on constraining and you can see it in the tutorial when he shows rotation - he's pressing the shift key to constrain the rotation. But as I said, I could get used to it if Affinity picked a way and stuck with it.
  28. The developers generally do not comment on feature requests. If they are willing to commit to an intent to work on something then it will show up on the roadmap at some time. Otherwise, unless they say they are not doing it, we usually have no way of knowing.
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