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  2. "first defence" is referring to a plugin called "Eye Candy" (but it is a bit pricy)! IMHO the Lightening Brushes are good value at $7.
  3. Although it doesn't show in the shot, the brush is a circle as should be with the clone tool.
  4. Hi @KarolMaz, Welcome to the forums. You seem to be describing several different issues. Please create a new thread, following the guide at the top of this thread so we can investigate what's going on: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/71-bug-reporting/ If you wish a refund, you would have to get in touch with Apple.
  5. Hi catlover, Old Bruce is correct, when you select multiple objects you're creating a multiple object selection which has its bounds defined by the objects in the selection. The origin is then based on the centre of this selection.
  6. I read this as you wanting to put an image inside a specific object on your image, to give it 'texture' If so, you'd want to use (and I hope I use the correct terminology here) a clipping mask.
  7. That’s strange, for me the bug persisted even after changing persona or restarting the app. As you said it was triggered by long-pressing a downloaded brush; what fixed it for me was deinstalling all the brushes via “my purchases”. (And of course the bug gets triggered back every time a new brush is long pressed.)
  8. No problem at all, I certainly understand! I've re-opened the previously provided link, which I shall also copy below - https://www.dropbox.com/request/fn4Sd7IpFFbalyh6ficA Many thanks
  9. Hi AlainP, This is a known issue that is with development to be fixed. It's not actually a 1.9 issue, it also affects 1.8!
  10. Shot as requested. I don't understand why the context bar is different from other views I have seen? The brush is a circle as should be for the Clone selection. It can be increased or reduced as needed.
  11. Hey @ypilot - welcome to the Affinity Forums. I've just tried this and it seems to be working okay. Would you mind attaching a test .afphoto document for me and tell me which SF font you're using? Are you adding it in from the Glyph Browser?
  12. Ich würde jetzt nicht sagen, dass kaum jemand darüber berichtet, aber natürlich taucht der Platzhirsch öfter in Publikationen auf als der "Neuling". Zeige einem der nichts mit Bildbearbeitung am Hut hat ein manipuliertes Bild und der wird gleich sagen "das ist doch gephotoshoppt". Da muss man erst mal hinkommen und "das ist doch affinityphotot" klingt auch nicht so klasse. Ich bin zu Affinity auch nur per Zufall über einen t3n-Beitrag über Illustrator-Alternativen gekommen. Liegt vielleicht auch an der Größe der Marketingabteilung die viele Länder und Publikationen gleichzeitig bedienen müsste. Da weiß ich natürlich nicht, wie Serif hier aufgestellt ist.
  13. Hi Pruus, It sounds like you have View > Show Guides disabled. With it disabled, it will briefly show you the guides when you're dragging new ones onto the page (so you know where existing are when creating a new one), and then they will disappear because Show Guides is disabled. The interesting thing is this behaviour on Windows will actually then enable 'Show Guides' so I'll double check that and pass it over to development.
  14. I've done a few book covers and (IMHO) while you can use Photo to design them, Publisher is easier! 😊
  15. Hello, Thanks for the reply. I installed the latest beta and rebooted the device: opening RAW files works now! Bye.
  16. Hello there, thank you for this impressive app for iPad, do you have any information about the availability of this feature? thank you
  17. No mystery or new glasses required - I initially thought it was a Windows only issue so I said Windows. I then had my doubts after realising this was in the Mac forum so double checked the actual issue and remembered it did affect both OSs so I then quickly edited my post to be factually correct.
  18. > Corner Tool? Point Transform Tool? Pencil Tool? I would say that they are there. Because Designer can't handle pages it needs Artboards, so Publisher don't need it (or you can say: has it also) It just remains the vector brush tools of your list, mmhh, I have to say that I don't need it in my business.
  19. Thanks Ray S. and Dan C. I changed my name to Silmaril, Alex was already taken. I made a video to show my problem: see below Inserting picture frames is ok, as Dan showed, but when I insert Pictures the wrap distance are lost. If one converts from a office word docx file the pictures are imported as pictures and there is no way to apply text wrapping defaults, as far as I know. Thanks for help Alex bandicam_2021-01-27_10-06-11-871.mp4
  20. Hi @stain I can't replicate this here. What is your setup?
  21. Now this is an interesting question: what is a true small cap? If you mean a separately created alternative glyph that has its own code point in the font, then I suppose there are not many fonts that have these kinds of glyphs. However if you mean OpenType features like smcp (Small Capitals) and c2sc (Small Capitals From Capitals) , then there are more fonts that have these kinds of small capitals available via an app formatting option. I am not a typographic designer, nor do I know much about font technologies, but typically you can access these kinds of small capitals by using the "Small Capitals" formatting option, whether it is listed directly as a specific OpenType feature or just as a generic formatting option that picks the feature that is available in the font (like in InDesign). Apps also differ from each other as to how a specific formatting is shown in the Glyphs panel, e.g., here is how Affinity Publisher and InDesign show the same glyph, small capital letter H (Unicode 0068), which has been applied "Small Capital" formatting: Both apps show the glyph codepoint 068 (place for "h"), but only InDesign dsiplays the small cap formatting for the selected glyph in the Glyphs panel itself. CorelDRAW (this is from older version, X6) shows the formatting options as follows: ...and also offers an explicitly "synthesized" version of small capitals, that is different from "Small Caps" (Open Type feature that is actually present in the font): As mentioned, these small capitals can be accessed simply by using a formatting option, but whether they actually produce a separately drawn glyph, I have no idea. In InDesign, the same formatting option can produce "smcp" OpenType feature in one instance, and "c2sc" in another instance, like here for physically entered "h", which in former formatting shows as Unicode 0068 (h) -- the upper sample row using Cardo Regular -- and in latter as Unicode 0048 (H) -- the lower sample row using Source Sans Pro by Adobe -- so the code point can change according to the font on which the same formatting option is applied: There are also differences in how the available OpenType features are shown in the Typography panel, so when accessing the Typography panel by clicking the appropriate icon of the Character panel, and then clicking the "Hide irrerlevant features" box, the OpenType features available for the currently selected font can be seen. Sometimes specific capital formatting features are italicized, (like for Cardo OpenType font from Google fonts) but most often not, but I have not figured out the difference. Something like this happens also on a page that shows OpenType features of a collection of Google fonts (the list is not not up-to-date so many current fonts are missing): https://code.thisarmy.com/fontsinfo/ Perhaps someone can shed some light on this?
  22. That feature is one of the most important in the raw workflow, I bought the app and cannot imagine it’s not included... i’ve portraits shot at the same location, same lightning, same model, you say me that I need to redo all the settings manually for the 20 files each times, I ‘ve got 250 pictures to edit and I’ll spend the most of my time playing with scrollers etc? please, I just need a button to record settings made, put a name, and select this name for a bunch of files. p l e a s e ! ! !
  23. We seem to have got the logic wrong for the release candidate, where we tried to stop these being available to Designer and ended up blocking them in Photo too. Thanks for the heads up it has already been fixed for release. (Note I have moved your replies to the My Account specific thread)
  24. @Bill Wynn Updates are provided automatically. The latest versions of the software can be found by looking at the first post in this thread and descriptions of those versions found by following the links in that post. Each of those release posts describes how to get the update, but there is also a generic guide here on Affinity Spotlight https://affinityspotlight.com/article/how-to-install-affinity-updates/ Customers can choose to install cutting edge beta versions, available from the beta forums as described here for mac and here for Windows and here for iPad
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