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  2. Hey h_d, We had a report of this issue earlier on today so I've logged it with the developers. I only got it the one time and metal compute doesn't seem to affect it. Thanks for letting us know
  3. I think this is going to be font related. If you see the attached screenshot, Affinity is picking up some of the text as being in a font called: Source Sans Variable It does appear there is a variable font called Source Sans Variable HOWEVER as we don't support Variable Fonts at the moment, i suspect this is why the text is removed. If you have access to the AI file, you should be able to edit the Text and change it to a non-variable Font, re-save as PDF and that will open fine in Designer.
  4. I'm using Publisher v 1.7.3 on Mac OS 10.15.2. I have a couple of Tibetan dictionaries installed in the Mac. When I use Unicode Tibetan, I do see the Tibetan option in the typology options. Ligatures and contextual alternates are working fine. I do not see my Tibetan dictionaries as options in the choice of dictionaries, but I don't care about that. The problem is that Publisher is treating the tsek ( or tseg: U+0F0B ) word separator as a letter. So a whole sentence becomes a single word and Publisher does not properly wrap lines after tseks. My workaround is to globally replace tseks with tsek followed by a zero width space. When I do that Publisher properly wraps lines and justifies paragraphs. Microsoft Word fixed this problem in Word for Mac 2019. Recent versions of LibreOffice and NeoOffice handle it properly as well. InDesign required enabling their World Ready paragraph formatter, but we are trying to get away from using InDesign in favor of using Publisher. It would help greatly if you can fix this problem so Tibetan tsek is treated as a word or syllable terminator to allow line wraps after them. Thanks, David Dvore
  5. Artistic text doesn't have a frame, so there is nothing to adapt.
  6. Perhaps it is a render bug. Try to zoom in and out. At some magnification the correct page will be displayed. To be sure, save the document, close and open it again. This bug seems to be fixed in the betas.
  7. PPS: I already had two Tibetan dictionaries installed in the Mac OS. So that wasn't the problem. I think it's just a matter of treating the tseg as a whitespace character instead of a letter, thereby allowing line breaks after a trek. I'll submit a bug report as you suggested. Thanks.
  8. Does it go away when you develop it? Does it only happen in Develop persona?
  9. There’s plenty of anatomy-type stuff here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Browse/Price-Range/Free/PreK-12-Subject-Area/Anatomy You’ll probably need to browse around as there is a lot to see (you need a user account to download).
  10. I must be missing something here. I did what you described and selected page 2, but all I get is the duplicated page 1, not page 2 of my pdf file...
  11. walt.farrell

    posting on forum

    You're welcome, Beverley. Glad to hear you're making progress
  12. Hugo Tak

    Images flashing when opening

    Ok, Gabi, There it goes... tks for your quick answer! Hugo Affinity_Photo_Issue.mov
  13. Here's the file in the screenshots text with brush stroke.afdesign
  14. The 1.8 beta has an improvement in this area, and remembers Find and Replace expressions that you have used. It needs further improvement (for example, the Find and Replace values are not tied together and cannot be tied together), but it's a start.
  15. Hi Optiplex, Unfortunately this is a known issue that has been reported to development. I will get it bumped with them. ------ Hallo Optiplex, Leider ist dies ein bekanntes Problem, das der Entwicklung gemeldet wurde. Ich werde es mit ihnen zusammen bekommen.
  16. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Here are 2x screenshots: Brush stroke is yellow in front of text. When I change the order: Brush stroke is now behind text, but the colour has changes to a dark yellow-grey. I can attach the file if you like? Thanks for your help, Meredudd
  17. PS: Microsoft Word 2011 and 2016 for Mac had this problem, but the Mac supplied TextEdit program and recent versions of LibreOffice and NeoOffice work properly. Microsoft Word for Mac 2019 fixed the problem in Word. So support for this seems dependent on the App and version.
  18. Ciao Purtroppo non è possibile creare timelapse (o qualsiasi contenuto video) con le app Affinity, mi scuso!
  19. Meinst du ein macOS Update? das nicht funktioniert? – Oder funktionert das Update, aber die Löschen-Funktion nicht? Versuche es mal unter einem anderen, "jungfräulichen" macOS Benutzer, z.B. als "Gast". Oder starte den Mac + LogIn mit gedrückter Shift-Taste, um den Safe-Boot Modus mit seinen speziellen Funktionen zu bewirken.
  20. For children? You might want to start with some less nightmare-inducing images
  21. I just looked up the unicode value. I guess the official name is "tseg" and the value is U+0F0B . It functions like a space in english separating words. Publisher is treating like a letter, so it considers a whole sentence as one word and doesn't know where the true word boundaries are. There is no hyphenation in Tibetan. I'll try to figure out how to add a Tibetan dictionary to see if that helps.
  22. marfbum

    disappearing programme

    hi, im sorry i dont explain very well... what happens is - im working on a tutorial (try to save most of it-but not always) then the whole deisgner programme just vanishes.. i have to start again... i hope this helps. not very good explaining things...marf
  23. Today
  24. As you state there is nothing explicitly in the IDML file for us to read to set this to, so it will just be set to a default option. We could maybe set it to whichever is used more frequently in the document, but without adding another step to the import process there will be some expectation for it to be changed if the behavior isn't initially what the user wants.
  25. Click on the placed PDF with the Move tool and have a look at the attached screenshot.
  26. Oh, thank you, that´s ok. My Mac may be has some problems. I did the security udload just now; does not work. Reg. lars
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