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  2. Well, as soon there is a connection to the internet or the local network, all new or modified files get synchronized. The images are linked and on my local workstation.
  3. Actually it could also be so that Affinity Publisher specifically uses the actual ligature codepoints, while InDesign uses ligature attributes, and just "ti" and "tt" as single characters. So whether a ligature is shown or not, depends on the viewer, and whether a ligature codepoint is used as a glyph or not, when copy pasted, depends on the destination software. See below how PDF-XChange can edit and copy the selected ligature in the PDF created with Affinity Publisher ("ti" as a hard-coded glyph), which PDF-XChange can copy paste to duplicate it: ...and below editing the PDF created by InDesign, where "t" and "i" are separate glyphs which are rendered as ligature glyph "ti" because it has been coded as formatting attribute: Just guessing. I do not know internals of PDF encoding, but this kind of makes sense.
  4. What you are seeing in the tooltips is the variation in the X and Y directions, not the perpendicular distance.
  5. Sorry, I beg to differ. Raw files are also bitmaps, just with more bits per pixel. I can read them as 16bpp/color images with my own application... Apps like Photoshop are bloatware, but even there I have faster and better access to images. I like Affinity for a number of reasons, and my critique was in the hope of maybe persuading Serif to make some basic improvements, like rotating the image map of an unprocessed raw file, for example.
  6. If you use File / Open (but, annoyingly, not Open recent) you can browse through thumbnails of your RAW files- aren't you seeing them, or do you want to browse through full screen versions of the images? AP uses the OS' native file manager, so if it's the former you'll need to add a codec to handle it. If it's the latter, have a look at Fast RAW Viewer - it's not free, but it's a useful tool to have.
  7. translated text: Hello everyone. I would be interested in having a "measures" function that give me a few results. -Get the area of an amorphous object. -Get the length of a line when it is not vertical or horizontal. -obtain measures between nodes on non-straight lines. -Get a total length of all lines of a document and total of all areas of all document. it seems that they are banal things without importance for the majority of users, I know. but I work with engraving and laser cutting devices. and believe me that these options would make my job much easier, by determining beforehand the time it will take for each job, and being able to more easily calculate my costs. even if it is not a new tool, but in the bar below the total could be displayed in cm2 when selecting a closed object, and the length when selecting a curved line. That would be very helpful. As always, I am very happy with the software, good job. Thanks in advance.
  8. Raymondo

    No Knife tool?

    Hi F401z74 There is no knife tool in Affinity Designer at the moment but is on the road map to be implemented soon, maybe next update.
  9. nonresidentalien

    Superscript and Subscript not working

    I did not know that. This was very helpful, thanks Lars
  10. Thanks R C_R, I am accessing the files from Affinity 'OPEN' command. I can manipulate them in Affinity and they are saved as .afphoto images. There seems to be no downside other than loosing the IMG_ identity. They appear in Photos with the * .jpg extension and no reference to any other distinction. I am asking Apple to explain as well.
  11. Hi Anonymouse As John has mentioned, if you're opening RAW files then you have to open them in the Develop Persona. This certainly isn't correct however. I've tested this here with multiple RAW image files and I'm yet to find one I cannot rotate. With an image opened in the develop persona you should find Rotate Clockwise and Rotate Anticlockwise on the Toolbar, do these work as expected for you? If not, could you please provide a sample of one of your RAW files to the following link for me? https://www.dropbox.com/request/bv8OXxpFRUOh7m6VcZkp Unfortunately Affinity Photo isn't designed for this, unlike Lightroom - which is a Photo 'Organiser' (DAM) - Affinity Photo is designed to open RAW images to be developed and edited then saved/exported. It isn't designed as a RAW viewer like the other apps you have mentioned, my apologies!
  12. Are you trying to export using File > Export or in the Export persona? In either one, what specifically is preventing you from changing the export size?
  13. dunderkatt

    Mask overlay

    I second this, sometimes it's just easier to see what you're doing if the selected area is overlayed!
  14. walt.farrell

    Assets panel unresponsive

    In which case, please fix the Windows version of the Help
  15. I've found the steps to reproduce it open photo, with tools/bars/tabs normal TAB toggles then on/off edit a doc - eg brush on canvas quick (cmd-Q) when in full screen mode open Photos again and this time there are no toolbars and tab toggle fails video attached ph.mp4
  16. Dan C

    iPad colour calibration

    Hi Jason Holt I'm not well versed in calibrating iPads through iOS, however if you have a specific colour profile that you use on your desktop you can import this into Affinity iPad apps through Preferences>Colour, allowing you to visualise your artwork similarly on the desktop or iPad!
  17. Hi Chul Unfortunately it's not possible to set a keyboard shortcut for the context option, however I can certainly see how it could help a workflow! I'll move this thread to the Feedback section of the forums for our devs to see and consider
  18. Have anybody tried this? https://lutris.net/games/adobe-creativecloud/
  19. ci2i

    Pdf conversation issues

    Are other folks in the community consistently seeing this? (Exported text always being converted into curves in PDF’s, no matter the PDF export setting) Anyone have a good workaround? I've noticed that in preferences, there is a place to apparently load additional fonts; has anyone had luck exporting a PDF with editable text (vs. converted to curves text) by loading fonts into and using fonts from this area? Thanks.
  20. Hi, I have an iPad Pro 12.9 3rd gen, always kept up to date with latest release. It’s not on the current beta for the ipad iOS. Affinity photo is always kept up to date. I’ve been with affinity photo for over two years and this was the first experience of photo editing for me. I’ve mostly enjoyed the journey. I do property photography, take raw 14 bit photos with my Nikon Z6 and then blend from 2 to 8 ish photos, ambient to flash etc. I’m not an adobe troll I’m a loyal AP customer, but I’m seriously at the end of my tether. It’s constantly lagging, freezing and crashing far too frequently. This began with the 1.7 update and the latest update didn’t correct it, in fact I’d say it made it worse. This is my only form of hardware as I don’t have desktop or laptop to fall back on. So the additional time it’s taking to do my work is beyond a joke and to be honest very stressful as I have customers wanting their photos and a wife complaining I’m always editing. Has nothing been found that may be causing this issue as I’m aware others have reported this from back in June? If it’s not resolved soon affinity photo on iPad is effectively unusable for me and no doubt many others.
  21. Can you try the 1.7.3 beta and let me know if that still crashes? There is a fix relating to crashing whilst printing in there The beta is on our forums here Thanks
  22. For some reason I cant export this file to PDF. I've tried to recreate the cause but was not able. I know I have rotated the artboard but i'm not shore if that's the reason. Am attaching the file. Artboard rotated Test - PDF export.afdesign
  23. Additional information Publisher 1.7.2 MacOS 10.14.6 I was able to export to a pdf and tried to print from my pdf viewer. That worked :-)
  24. No need to determine it. Just use the Point Transform Tool to perform everything on canvas visually with the help of snapping.
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