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  2. The snapping magnet must be on and you drag the sub-layer(the image) only but slowly inside the PF with the move tool @Seneca sorry for answering ahead of you
  3. OMG! I found it out! It's this button that enabled moving with snapping. It's called "Edit content directly". Whatever that means... I does "moving with snapping". I don't know why this is a separate tool, what the label means and why it is not default behaviour, but I will use it.
  4. Okay, I'm still a little frustrated. I want to determine whether to apply an adjustment. I'm used to comparing the unadjusted photo to the adjusted photo to make a decision about whether I want the adjustment. PS had a "preview" checkbox for toggling whether the adjustment shows. I could click and unclick it to compare before and after. Is there a convenient way to do this in AP? Thanks! (Yes, that panel, thanks.)
  5. DM1

    Photos not exporting

    On iPad drag down from top of screen Type Untitled.jpg in search line.
  6. I think you might be talking about the "Adjustment" Studio panel. If so, that is where preset adjustments are stored, including those you add by clicking on the "Add Preset" button in any of the Adjustment layer windows.
  7. @Seneca Yes! If I can't have the bevahiour from the Pixum and Rossmann software shown in the videos the snapping shown in the video is at least what I want. Can you please tell me precisly what options / preferrences have to be turned on and what tools I have to use to have the snapping like in your video? After understanding that I would like to ask Serif why this is not enabled by default.
  8. Oh indeed! How did I not try that! Thank you so much!
  9. When I increase in "Document Setup..." the document resolution, then in "Resource Manager..." the Placed DPI appears increased, too – instead of reduced. For example: increasing the document resolution from 300 to 400 dpi increases the placed dpi from a 300 dpi jpg to 400 dpi. Or vice versa: a documents DPI reduction from 300 to 72 dpi does also reduce the Placed images DPI from 300 to 72 dpi. That can't be correct.* * or would be a wonderful magic method to change lowres images to highres simply by setting the document dpi. ( this bug might be related to this different topic: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/66358-affinity’s-running-gag-not-honouring-resolution/ )
  10. mathew

    Incomplete loading of EPS and SVG files

    I guess I'm confused why half of the top left square loads, for example. Are you saying that the top half of that square was saved as EPS, but the bottom half was put in an embedded AI?
  11. When chosen adjustment is open, there's a delete button>click it and bye bye adjustment and adjustment layer.
  12. There is a panel called adjustments. There are tools under it like B&W, Brightness/Contrast, etc. As far as I can tell, these adjustments do not provide a preview. They instead modify the image live. Yes, adjustments are layers, so I can easily undo them or delete a layer. But my process looks like this: Select and adjustment. Fidget with adjustment. Can't get the effect I want, so close the adjustment. Either Cmd-Z to undo the adjustment, or if I forget to do that, later find the adjustment layer and delete it. Compare this process with the one I'm used to in PS: Select and adjustment. Fidget with adjustment. Can't get the effect I want, so close the adjustment. In PS, there's nothing to remember to undo if I haven't explicitly accepted the adjustment. It's just more work, and a bit annoying because I frequently forget to undo prior adjustments. Is there a better process than the above? Thanks!
  13. walt.farrell

    Missing colour picker?

    It's in the same spot as usual on mine.
  14. You stay in the picture frame tool instead of using the move tool. In another program I use and what I think Serif will do too,is that options will be based upon the tool you are using. Maybe even the context menu will too.
  15. I'm probably being dense but beta, at least on my PC, seems to be missing the Colour Picker from the Tools section on the left side of the screen. Reading from the top with version reads View Tool [H], Move Tool [V], Colour Picker , Crop Tool [C].... In the beta it's View, Move, Crop.... Pressing I still brings up the Colour Picker.
  16. RE find and replace and RE styles are so important that they were my first thought when I got to know that Affinity is going to make Publisher. Of course richer the flavour is more powerful it gets. But it is a must have for me. So please add any.
  17. Hello Dave, thanks for sharing the pdf, really great.
  18. What exactly do you mean by adjustments? Everything on the Affinity Photo Layer > New Adjustment Layer or Layer > New Live Filter Layer menus that creates a new layer includes a live preview on the canvas, & since they are layers they can be deleted, moved, made invisible or visible at any time.
  19. I think an option to snap the edges of the picture to the edges of the frame while moving it is quite reasonable and need not necessarily be limited to rectangles.
  20. @Seneca What I'm looking after and tried to demonstrate in the videos is what happens when you do not move the Picture Frame, but the Image inside the Picture Frame. If you watch again my videos you see how I move the image and I it always resides in the frame. This is what I want. If that is not possible a better snapping would help me here. Please see my video of Publisher above how I move the Image edge over the Picture Frame edge, but no snapping happens. This is what I at least would like to have. My main problem is after I moved the Image I have to correct it with moving by keyboard so that I do not have space between the upper edge of the Picture Frame and the Image. This space annoys me.
  21. That sounds strange, though I can't tell how things may behave under Mojave now here. Na don't get me wrong, I was just wondering that you didn't found the answer here in this forum, since you wrote above "in another forum" and "Phew! Long time since I've searched that long for a simple, single operation". The purpose of this forum is to ask questions and then to hopefully get help and answer, as far as they are related to the products or their usage etc.
  22. Today I noticed a thin grey line around the border of my pages that just started and definitely wasn't there yesterday. I've included a screen capture. The line is at the page edge with background layer extending beyond, and this line is on all four edges. I've not noticed this until today and wonder if it's possibly an unintended option accidentally selected? Any ideas?
  23. I'm working with a photo, trying to figure out how to fix things. I don't really know what adjustments are going to work. Every time I experiment with an adjustment, I have to undo it to restore the photo to the prior state before trying something else. Sometimes I forget. I guess I'm used to the PS way of previewing before committing. Is there any way to do that in AP, or do I have to explicitly undo every thing I try? Thanks!
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