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  2. Moon would need to, as I am sure Serif has, define success. But whatever the definition, it certainly will not be like Adobe/Quark in the 2000s.
  3. On Mac it is Command 0 (zero).
  4. Hi all I quite happy with how I go about setting the pivot point on a shape in Affinity Designer. However, when I export the design to SVG, I want the pivot points to be saved as part of the shape as well. My aim is to rotate items using Javascript in the browser and I need that point, to pivot around (imagine a rectangle for a clock hand or something similar). Is this something I can do in Affinity Designer as part of exporting the shapes? Thanks
  5. Savingspaces33

    Can’t export to LR

    Any update? Were you able to export the file back to LR? Thanks
  6. Is there any keystroke or menu command to re-center a document within the workspace vs doing so with scroll bars or navigator?
  7. Josie

    Color B/W Photos

    How do I get the image better when I color it different colors using the color palette? Also for other images as well thanks. what tools would help in affinity designer to do this??
  8. Today
  9. Hi Guy, Thanks for the bundle, very helpful. For what it's worth your documents are opening fine for me, however I can see that the Photo team have put in a fix in the vicinity of the crash site in the last few days for a 'sporadic crash'. At the moment I don't have any background on it but I'll find out more next week and if there's anything of interest I'll let you know, otherwise it'll just be a case of waiting for the next build.
  10. Hi BigA, I'm glad you are up and running again. Thanks for the additional information.
  11. “Would you like your hamburger with a layer of lettuce and tomato?”
  12. jmwellborn

    Introduce Yourself

    I am not one of the “experienced people” for photo editing, but I have found the Photo Workbook really helpful when trying to do some of the things that it describes. One can try something until it works. The extensive library of Affinity Photo tutorials is excellent and covers so much. For me sometimes - particularly when I was just getting started and didn’t have a clue about the workspace - they go too fast to grasp what is going on (which panel, which tool, “where is invert?”) until we have galloped much farther through the session. But there is always “repeat.” The forums are superb. So many really nice people who can figure anything out!! I think that learning the workspace (layers, filters, swatches, styles, assets, brushes, etc.) is the key. For me the book has been really helpful because “fast forward” just means turning the page.
  13. No, I was not using the 32 bit. sorry if I overlooked this.
  14. This works in the Node Tool as long as all of the selected Objects are Smart Shapes, as seen in the attached screenshots. Best regards!
  15. Alternatively, look in the Layers panel for the Hamburger menu!
  16. Look in the Hamburger menu for the Layers panel.
  17. I am new to Affinity Photo for IPad. I have edited my raw photos and saved them in the Affinity App. I would like to use the online print service Adorama Pix to make a photo book of my select prints, but I am having difficulty in uploading my photos from Affinity Photo App. When I go to upload my photos on the Adorama Pix website, Affinity Photo App does not appear as an option. How can I get access to my photos to upload them on Adorama Pix. Thank you.
  18. I sometimes (well, more than sometimes) add a node to the Curves Adjustment curve when my intent was to drag an existing node. May I suggest that the cursor change when selecting a node vs adding one?
  19. AffinityJules

    Do Not Adjust Your Set

    Hi John, This was achieved by using multiple layers. The first 2 were the standard dispersion techniques using identical layers, one with a white mask, and the other black. Masking out areas with dispersion brushes. The result was then blurred slightly to help the colour merge. On one layer I used the COLUMN MARQUEE tool on the woman then copied that and stretched it out across to the TV set. (1 vertical row of pixels stretched out). On one layer I used a ZOOM BLUR on full range and centered it just behind the woman. On one layer I used the RIPPLE effect on a low setting (just enough to see the waves). OVERLAY BLEND. GAUSSIAN BLUR. On one layer I used MOTION BLUR on a mid setting. After that it was a case of adjusting the opacities of all layers until I got the desired result with this picture. Made a few colour alterations and used a film grain Nik filter on the master. Hope that explains it. EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention; All modified layers were adjusted using the perspective tool so that they all lined up!
  20. Yes, and if you want to keep the possibility to move one of the components afterwards, keep the "Alt" key pressed during the "Add" operation, it will create a compound as I indicated earlier.
  21. Thanks to both of you for your help, I found the solution to be able to see the angles, you don't have to group the whole thing together but have it added
  22. We’ve been told that IDML import will be added but we’re unlikely to see it in the initial release. INDD import probably won’t be added any time soon, if ever.
  23. dmstraker

    Info crosshairs left behind

    That looks like an ad absurdum argument. When there is value in things remaining, then of course they should remain. But in the case of the info panel, there is no value in the crosshairs remaining when the info panel is dismissed. To get rid of it, the user has to re-initiate the panel and change the selection. In this case, it simply makes sense to hide the crosshairs when the panel is dismissed.
  24. Thanks for your reply Callum
  25. Where in Affinity Photo Beta Win 10 version, is the option to change layer thumbnail size (small, medium, large) ? There is a setting in Edit/Tools/ Tool Handle Size: Small > Largest, but it doesn't' change the layers thumbnail size.
  26. John Rostron

    Do Not Adjust Your Set

    This looks like the distortion effect that I am trying to create. How did you do it? John
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