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  2. hi guys, I am hoping someone can please help as I MUST be doing something wrong as I can't believe the basic functionality of Designer would be so poor, it must be me! I have an EPS file which has lots of objects in it, and if I open this in Illustrator, I can select every single object, but open that file in Designer and it will only allow me to select the massive block. I am clicking a million times (which I thought would allow me to delve further into the group), but I just can't do anything with it. As I said above, it must be me doing something wrong, but can someone please tell me how to select each individual object in this file? I've uploaded a screenshot so you can see how the 2 apps behave SO differently. Thanks.
  3. Aligning elements from the toolbar with the Alignment button has a pre-selection of Last Selected. Whereas aligning elements with the Align Middle button has a pre-selection of Selection Bounds. Why is there a difference? Is it by design? Perhaps I am the only one primarily aligning elements to the last selected. So in my case over and over again I have to do two clicks instead of one.
  4. Hi Meredudd, Thanks for the file - it seems to be caused by some semi-transparent brushes. I've passed this onto development, however in the meantime if you select 'Layer > Convert To Curves' after you've finished editing the text, it will look correct. Please note that this will mean the text is no longer editable, so you should only do this when you're sure the text is how you want it.
  5. Nope. Still fine. Can you attach a screen recording of your workflow or exact steps to reproduce the issue?
  6. The margins are being reversed when I insert a single page into a spread. I'm seeing outer margins on the inner portion of the page and vice versa.
  7. Hi Gabe, ... and if you export an uncompressed tiff file to replace a compressed one ? and click on "Resource manager" of the pop-up windozz after APub detects the change ?
  8. Hi @psvancara, Can you attach the project file and steps to reproduce the issue please?
  9. Hi @Aut, If you provide a sample document, we can have a look. I tested the workflow with an URL hyperlink from Word and works fine.
  10. stokerg


    Hi Axle and Welcome to the Forums, I've seen reports like this before with the Canon Pro 100. But if you follow the steps on this tutorial: https://player.vimeo.com/video/203279705/ and pay attention to the Colour Management part of the above link, as i suspect that will currently be set incorrectly
  11. Thanks for this, there is quite a lot of useful material threr.
  12. @MdmMTL, from looking at the images you posted, it seems like you would rather need Affinity Designer than Affinity Photo, because all of this looks more like vector art. Photoshop is often “misused” as general graphic design tool just because people are used to it (and has therefore als evolved into a bloated “jack of all trades”) where other tools, like Illustrator, would actually be the better tool for the job. Likewise, if you are creating graphic art, Affinity Designer is the tool that is more suited for the job. And regarding this: This can only be true if you compare one monthly installment for AI and PS with the price for an eternal license of AP and AD. Historically, Photoshop alone has cost around $800 per eternal license, if I remember correctly. That’s way more than the $50–$60 you’d pay for Affinity Photo, for an eternal license. And given that you’d now “rent” PS you’d pay more over time than for owning AP.
  13. I do see Tibetan in the Typography script pulldown, and the options within that are working. Tibetan does not appear in the other three pulldowns. There is no documentation I can find about where to put dictionary files. On Mac, the standard location is in the dictionaries folder either in the user Library folder or the global Library folder. Is there some other place the dictionary file should go for Publisher on Mac? Even so, I don't think this is a dictionary problem. In Tibetan, each "word" or "syllable" ends with a tsek. Lines should wrap after any tsek. Publisher is treating the tsek as a non-breaking space or letter within a word. It shouldn't matter whether the word is in a dictionary or not.
  14. They have asked if they can work with real organs. They have no fear these kids.
  15. Nice, and all in the right places! Thanks.
  16. With the Pages panel selected click on the Hamburger menu to the right
  17. HI, Is it possible to resize page thumbnails in the pages panel? If there is an option, I can't find it Thanks
  18. fde101

    Bug in Designer Mac

    It is the page size, which may not be the same size as the paper you are printing on. You can print with crop marks so that smaller pages can be easily cut from larger sheets of paper. Depending on how you configure printing, you might print multiple pages to one sheet, for example.
  19. Thank you for this, Dan C, much appreciated.
  20. Artistic Text still has a frame and you can change the Fill and Stroke of that frame using the Text Frame panel in Publisher Its frame is just a basic one compared to a Frames Text's frame but it still exists
  21. Hey Trinity, I can't work out if your screenshot is low res or if your interface looks different to mine. I can barely see the fx symbol and the Live Filters symbol looks odd too. Your icons look more contrasted than mine as well. What resolution is the monitor running? Can you also confirm the version of Affinity you are running?
  22. When I convert a master spread to a single page I'm seeing inconsistent behaviour where sometimes the margins remain as inner and outer rather than change to left and right.
  23. Notice there are 4 menus to set a language. I am not sure where Tibetan should appear to cause correct line breaks. If you don't see any of your installed dictionaries in at least one of these pulldown menus then possibly the file path isn't caught by Affinity and needs a move of the according file on your disk.
  24. Hmmm... can you attach a screenshot of the Preferences > Performance window?
  25. This smells like a preference: When importing IDML files: Auto-detect embedded vs. linked Prefer linked unless all images in the existing document are embedded Always prefer embedded Always prefer linked Embed all images upon import
  26. Hugo Tak

    Images flashing when opening

    Most of times goes away after develop it. But once, they appeared as a static lines, as part of the picture. But, obviously, its impossible to do the settings in develop mode with those flickers... Tks!
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