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  2. Well, hey, why doesn't my infinity photo look like this? all I have on the left side is a double row of tools... none of those colors and swatches, et al! Hmmmm
  3. I've never seen a carpenter the uses one tool for everything. I don't expect one piece of software to fulfill all my design needs. An experienced designer has many different tools and resources. That being said, this is my go-to tool for tracing: https://www.vectorizer.io
  4. Sorry folks, it must have been my computer. I shut it down, came back later, and it worked <gah>
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  6. Works for me in APh v1.6.7 on OSX with a selection etc.
  7. When you try to open via File > Open ... a document, which is already expanded as an embedded document from inside another document, it doesn't work. For example ... you have a document1 with an embedded other document2 inside you expand the embedded document2 from document1 so it appears in an own file tab as <embedded> now you try to "open" the usual way via "File > open" document2 ... ... that doesn't work, it won't open document2 here as far as it is already expanded from document1 in an <embedded> tab. But since the embedded document is just an internal copy here and no reference to an external file (it's no external file link reference), there is no reason not to open it also as a document file. It looks like the software treats it in this case (when the embedded file copy is expanded) as the external doc file might be already open. BTW, the opposite way, opening document1 and document2 first the usual way via File > Open ... and then expanding the embedded document2 from document1 works instead. Behaves in both Designer and Photo this way!
  8. Polygonius

    Blend mode using fill dialogue

    This is a very, very special wish ---- there are a LOT of "extra-step-needs... wide-window... mouse-miles...",... which should fix ASAP, but this seldom need, should be become a "focus"? How OFTEN do you need this "feature", compairing to eg. a "dodge-brush" is per default always "white" and a "burn" is ALWAYS "blck" complete independingly from the color of the regular brushes? Why does it need a DOGE and BURN toll???? I choose one and if i hold a mocifyer key, it does the opposite (Dodge become Burn: Paint become Erase; Sharpen become Blur....) by just hold the special (user) modififyer. It does not matter what the REGULAR has as for(background-color... if i click eg. doge it gets automatically FULL-black or FULL-white by holding the mod-key... and if switch back to my REGULAR brush i get ITS current for(backcolor... back.... Same for sharp/blur-brush, or Mask-brusch".... The current REGULAR brush-colors... Nobody needs for this tools... My suggestion: >changing a tool, from regular "brush" to any other tool, or "mask-painting":... the current tool gets ITS "native" colors and a NORMAL change from eg. dodge to burn will KEEP the current "brush"... Just a dodge/burn with a modify will load the last/default... nozzle to this... (however you prefer)... All Conter-"Brushes" like (reg) brush/eraese... dodge/burn... sharp/blur... mask hide/cover... should work (per default) on this simplified "logic". With (eg. CMD i got exactly the opposite of this "brush"). LEAVE this old-fashioned paradigm what a special "brush" is doing! IF i do not know dodge/burn... but i want to bright/dark some areas... I want ONE tool for this. And this tool does exactly what i expect, does not matter how the color of the brush currently is... In this case its absolutely not important... i want my "darker/brighter" tool as solid "black-white" instead the maybe regular brush pink/lightgreen... I NOW want to dark/bright and if switch back to regular brusch... i want my pink/green back... And if switch from regular-brush to eaaser, the pink/mintgreen is also not important... i just want to" erase" some parts, with the same "NOZZLE", but without to keep care what the for/back-color is! All old-fashion-"photographer" and so on... all this guys, should ist old wide-window-behavior... if they wish... but all (more logic thinking guys) should get this new, fast, smart... of understanding "brushes" as tools AND conter-tools! i´m pretty sure this new, easy, smart... concept will convienced EVEN the hardest "i`m a photograper and i want my wide-windowed exactly i knoe..." fraction very soon. Maybe there will be left some guys, but this ones are freaks, like the fraction "a mp3... never sounds as the original... NEVER, never, a digital-camera.... will be as good, as good, as a mechanic... and so on.... Nostalgics, people without fantasy.... will always and everywhere have "take into consideration" . Are you a "nostalgic" brake block, or are you a smart people, which recognize in the future, even if the during-phase is extra-complicated?
  9. DM1

    Exporting Image

    Hi, That looks like a screen shot of the IOS Files apps screen (not Affinity). What are you trying to do and what steps are you taking on the iPad? A screen recording is usually most helpful as it shows clearly what you are doing. (Turn on Show Touches in AP Settings).
  10. Tried it. No change in Photo Beta. Just installed latest beta and it is working.
  11. Oops. Wrong thread. Thanks.
  12. This is only partly correct in overall sense but not completely. For example Nikon's Capture NX2 (with build-in NIK U-Points) saves to NEF files, either saves to the modified original NEF or under a new name (save as) as default. All CNX2 changes you made and applied are then added to the NEF, but mostly only in a manner Nikon Software was able to make use of. So Nikon CNX2 and NXView2 were able to read, interpret and reapply all so far made changes of that NEF file, but third party RAW converter software (Adobe CR, LR etc.) were only able to show the initial NEF contents of these RAW files. - You can think of such NEFs like being a RAW with an embedded Sidecar file!
  13. Looking at your earlier settings post it shows an iOS update is needing to be installed.
  14. freshdrink

    AP always force close when Import LUT file .cube

    finally i can import my lut. thanks. i checked on my computer cube file on my google drive is .lrpreset. i try to direct copy to ipad from computer and test the cube file and work.. yeahhhhh thanks all
  15. The info Button in the Embed metadata option of the export panel is empty; nothing happens when clicking it.
  16. I am unable to delete guides within the guide manager (delete button is greyed out) until I physically double click and change their value. At this point I'm just gonna create and use an overlay for rule of thirds and fifths instead of guides. Maybe you guys could make a feature for this?
  17. Another bug.. Or maybe it's "by design"? Guides placed on artboards disappear when placed inside a layer. They are only visible when you physically select the artboard itself. Once you start adding shapes, they disappear This is not a problem with artboards that are not within a layer.
  18. serpenteagle

    Grids are Super Glitchy

    Update: I was able to solve this by moving the artboards out of their existing layer and moving them into a new one. Hope this helps you guys figure things out!
  19. Where is this text coming from? It looks like there may be some hidden characters in there which are not removed by the paste special. What happens if you first paste the text into a code editor (not a Mac text editor) to remove all hidden characters and then paste into APub?
  20. There indeed lies the major problem in this whole thing. I think I spoke about it earlier. You can be easily amazed about the vast quantity, and quality of all sort of developments , libraries and etc for network, scientific, database, security, etc in the Linux community, on its ecosystem. I mean, that kind of power, that complexity, perfection, attention to almost every sub field in those areas...the love to detail in many of those apps, IDEs, network utilities, etc, etc..!!... makes you realize they DO have enough programmers, and extremely talented. Now, apart from the holy three in 2D (Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus...and yeah, some more, but am talking this kind of stuff) , there's Blender, and some more in 3D. I'm speaking in all these areas about OPEN SOURCE development, as, they don't need for example in those other areas, network, systems, scientific, etc, really to be all the time porting versions of apps from Windows or Mac. Theirs are often even better than the closed source commercial ones. The comparison is even cruel. Between the effort, resources, events, money, and people's volunteer time, and code in the other areas, specially system, network, and what is dedicated to graphics production software at more than a hobbyist level. Again, not talking about if some company of closed source nature decides to graciously divert some resource to port one of their commercial apps to linux. Not talking about charity, but the fact of how they DO have capable people inside the community to produce graphic software that could beat any commercial grade solution, and beyond. It is my suspect that simply, Linux community has an EXTREME minority of people REALLY interested in commercial grade graphics production. Look, I've had a majority of Linux users among the people I used to go out with (and a bit later, also the people I worked with at an intensive/stressful company, that meant spending most of my time among Linux people) life was strange, and... NOT A SINGLE ONE could do a simple graphic. They'd require my help in that even for the silliest thing you could imagine. Heck, they still do!. And they came from quite different jobs and areas, they were simply gathered by a pair of friends of mine. This is the root of the issue, in my opinion. You don't have to look for external factors, neither blame a third party which produces since always Windows (ie, Serif's legacy line) and Mac software. It's inside, both the problem and the solution. I am absolutely positive that all those brains and expertise, or heck, a 10% of it, would put together more than one Photoshop killer. If they really wanted to. So, no egg or chicken dilema, more of a wake up to the internal reality, and start to pull some strings from inside... There's already Blender, and Krita, as extremely good examples of what can be done with just a few decided programmers. (Krita's case is a really tiny group). Can you imagine 2D apps made with the quality and level of completion of, let's say, current Thunderbird ? I mean, I've seen entire staffs using that as the main thing for all inside a company. Or firefox, or etc... I'd said before that Libre Office does not get well with my friends and family... but as someone has pointed out, graphic artists and any professional has a bit of (not always, you'd be amazed... some super experts in PS I know, get stuck with zipping a file or if you tell them to PASTE a line in a term window (console in windows)) higher stamina when issues or bad UIs make appearance. So, even something at the level of Libre Office would make a world of difference in graphics production. (maybe Blender is kind of comparable, here). But not only is not there even a decent small % of interest in going that route, it's way worse: The current few apps in that line, get even worse press from inside, the community, than from the expected "enemy", the other platforms. Which always shocks me to a great extent.
  21. serpenteagle

    Grids are Super Glitchy

    When I turn on the grid, it doesn't show up on some artboards. However, when I click on the title of an artboard, it shows up, but then the grid disappears everywhere else. To make it worse, when I go to select or move an element within that artboard, the grid disappears again. I'm not sure if this is just something specific to my system, so I've included the file I encountered the bugs on here. Now, how often do you guys release bug fixes? It seems like there are many existing bugs that haven't been resolved for a very long time. Perhaps you guys should focus more on stability than new features? Or just release more incremental updates focused on bug fixes instead of putting everything into one big release. Design Practice.afdesign
  22. Was this ever resolved? It would be nice to have a way to separate in Photo. Affinity Photo has an enormous amount of potential. I would think separating is defiantly doable even calculating channels (by selection) with what Affinity has provided. I’m automating what I can right now in the windows version to make a basic simulated Process separation macro. But I do miss basic quick indexing a lot. :) I’m with Sullyman, once we get that far, we still have to port the Layers (not spot channels) over to Photoshop to RIP them one way or another. Having a way to halftone opaque frequency and angle ellipses would be killer. Even dots.
  23. From the Matting help topic: It is useable on any pixel layer that have some transparent areas but it is destructive.
  24. Thanks for replying so quick, hopefully this will be fixed soon Thanks
  25. Affinity Publisher is an unfinished beta app intended for testing, not production work. If you are having any issues with how it imports PDF files, it would be best to report that in the Report bugs in Publisher beta on Mac forum.
  26. Are you asking about support for the Photoshop Raw format (which does not support layers) or something else?
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