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  2. It looks to me as though you're misinterpreting which is selected. The darker one on the dialog is selected, and when you had Facing selected you got a 2-page spread. When you had Single selected you got a 1-page spread. At the beginning, when you first pushed Add Master, "Facing" was selected because you have a Facing Page document.
  3. Hi tipforeveryone, Thanks for letting us know. I've reproduced that here so will get it passed over to development.
  4. I've never heard such nonsense in my entire life. This goes for your entire post.
  5. Hi, I am about to reinstall Windows 10 on my computer. I bought Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher for desktop from the Affinity store/website. When I searched the forum to find out how to locate my licence information, I found a post showing the path to locate the licence.xml file. I have located these for Publisher and Photo, but when I do the same for Designer and open the 1.0 folder it is empty. There is also a Common folder but I didn't see anything relevant there either. Any ideas. Thanks Christine
  6. If I export multiple images to f.e. JPG it changes everytime the quality back to 100%, so I need to change it every time. It would be nice if AP would remind my last used setting.
  7. Hi Knotty As far as I can see, there seems to be no plan to include plan drawing type of features to enable Affinity Designer to be used for Engineering drawings, kitchen fitters, architects, or any of the more practical applications that DrawPlus was so good at. Serif, so far, seem to have aimed Affinity Designer at the more artistic side of the marketplace. It is a pity as I would love to use some of the new features of Affinity Designer, and would buy an update if it had the practical features that we both wish to see. Luckily I too still have DrawPlus, but the lack of dimension lines and scaling in AD does make it useless for many of my applications and of limited use to us "practical types". As it is I use both. It is a shame that the file structures are incompatible with each other.
  8. As I said before the studiolink function stopped working ! before ! I removed these. The apps regenerate them on launch, these are not from MAS install. I may have unmodified files on my other mac that's not with me right not. Do you still want them?
  9. Just tried an email my end and does appear to be ok! See attached However it does sound like something that may well be file specific. If you would be willing would it be possible for you to attach a PDF to our internal dropbox? It would mean you don't have to upload your private details onto the public forum? If so please use the link below https://www.dropbox.com/request/rii2Ehva7Sk9d9y6l76L Feel free to also attach a LaTeX example as well! Thanks,
  10. Welcome to the Affinity forums @Jillustrator! Any chance getting a hand on the .afphoto file?
  11. I ran into a situation where I had to use GIMP today, and... ...oh GAWD!
  12. The Affinity applications do not, today, provide a function to allow you to change where the assets and other resources (brushes, styles, settings, ....) are placed on your Windows system. They might, in the future, and I'm sure it has been requested in the Feedback forums. In the meantime, if you choose to take some risk and run an unsupported configuration, I've done some experimenting to show that you can use Windows functions to move them. Please see the post below, and the posts it references, for more info on this.
  13. Considering that "Astrophotography" is an individual interest of the Product Expert (Affinity Photo) Team Leader the according APh improvements don't appear as a conscious marketing but rather as a decision caused by personal preference and the available knowledge.
  14. Hi guys, i found some older topics concerning similar problems. Its all about opening PDFs with embedded fonts that are not available on the system. In our daily work we often get client logos or other vector drawings as PDF files that stil contain text as embedded fonts. Often one may use such PDF file without editing it. Just place it in your own design layout (PDF transfer: transfer). This will render and re-export the embeded fonts correctly. So far so good 🙂 But sometimes you have to edit a client logo file, e.g. to create some black/white version or adapt something else. Then you get font errors when opening the file in Affinty. In most cases the client has no other logo file and there is no chance to get the original font from the designer who created the logo. This apllies not only to logos but in many professional applications to any drawings graphic designers get from their clients. E.g. I worked in packing design for many years and had to deal with existing tray and tetra/sig designs every day. The existing designs often had to be adapted to new technical specifications. But often we got only old PDFs and somehow had to "crack" the content without having the original fonts available. In these and other cases it would be extremly helpfull if we can "vectorize" the complete PDF during the open process or in place with an extra functionality. EXAMPLE: There is an extremely helpfull functionality in Illustrator that often saved my day. You can place a PDF in an AI document and then select it. This brings up the menu functionality "transparency reduction". The trick is, to select the option "convert text to path". With this functionality you are able to convert nearly any PDF to pure vector drawings to edit them without font errors. All embedded fonts are converted to pathes correctly - even if they are not available in your system fonts. It would be so helpfull, if we could have a similar functionality in Designer and/or Publisher too 🙂 cheers P.S. The new object selection functionalities introduced in 1.9 (?) are a real timesaver and big leap forward. It's often these "little" commands, that improve quality of life when it comes to professional preprint tasks 🙂 Maybe there are some options missing: select masked / cliped / compound / empty (no properties despite the raw path) layers ? This is what typicaly remains after transparency reduction. A whole pile of nested cliped and masked layers. And with cliped layers selected it would be helpfull to "unclip" / "unmask" selected step by step and shift their content e.g. to the nearest common ancestor layer. This would be a kind of cleanup functionality for imported drawings. Afterwards all empty mask layers could be selected (no fill, no border, no...) and deleted manually.
  15. Hi, I am working with reasonably large files in Affinity Photo. When exporting to pdf, they result in a blank page. For example: I have an Affinity Photo file, containing one layer with a rasterised image and on top a circle cutcontour layer (curves). The large file (150x150cm/200dpi) exports well. But when I resize it to a smaller size (100x100cm/200 dpi), the pdf shows only the cutcontour circle. The rasterised image is blank. The size of the pdf is also too small: 700 Kb vs. 180 Mb for the larger file. I have tried several changes in the pdf settings, but nothing worked so far. Please help! KingLeo_100.pdf
  16. The official MAS downloaded Photo v1.9.1 update tells BETA here (?) ...
  17. This problem has always been in Publisher and still is in 1.91. Create an A4 page in a new document. Use Document Setup to change the dpi to 72. Use Spread set up and choose A4 from the drop down menu. The page sizes changes to 875 x 1237.5. If I type in 210 x 297 the page size goes correctly to 210 x 297. It looks like if I select from the drop down list then the new page size uses the DPI setting as part of its calculation.
  18. Makes sense. I've reverted to 1.9.0, at least it can save so I'm out of the woods for the moment.
  19. Hi, I just dive into this awesome app and really like what I see! Up to now, I really miss the possibility to create "global layers" when exporting multiple artboards into a single PDF. The problem is described in this thread: Plus, it would be great if there was the possibility to include layers that are hidden on default (this is possible in Scribus). For splitting an A0 size drawing into A4 pages I use artboards, but I miss a simple layout setting panel for that like Illustrator has (x artboards in y columns, spacing etc) Thanks and keep up the great work, please Corina
  20. OK, so the app automatically set up a pressure profile for you, basing it on the line that you drew. But my argument still stands.
  21. Hey, Affinity Publisher 1.9.1 has fixed the issue! I've made some tries, but now it seems to open single files without crashing. I still have the problem when opening more files at the same time. It crashes. But I can open one by one, for now. Thank you, Ben
  22. The official MAS downloaded Designer v1.9.1 update tells BETA (?) ... BTW, same for the Photo pendant!
  23. Thank you for your prompt reply. To answer your questions: I bought it from the Affinity Store. v1.8.6 failed to launch too.
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