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  2. Uncle Mez

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hello @Andy Somerfield the download went smooth. One shot no issue at all, now i need to update and do some stuff with this version to see if it's okay ! Was the issues with the HSL crashing the app fixed ? I've planned a color replacement tutorial and HSL is one of the tools i will demonstrate there.
  3. I am having a weird issue when trying to export images at 800X600 and 604X345 jpegs bicubic Whats happening is I set it up to those sizes and it crushes my photo in aI shape any ideas
  4. Barayase

    16bits files TIFF Compression, again...

    I second the sentiment. Just downloaded 1.7.105 and am still getting 16 bit compression issues. Could we just have an option to disable compression, and also an option to remove one of the 'F's out of a TIFF, constantly have to rename extension for the 3d apps that won't recognize extension. on the left uncompressed alpha in zbrush, on the right unprocessed just exported 16 bit out of APhoto
  5. Yesterday
  6. I agree, I would have expected this to also control scaling, not just movement. Is it supposed to be this way?
  7. Thank you. For some reason I am finding it harder to select and manipulate lines within groups than I do within Adobe Illustrator, but maybe that's just because I am a newbie...not sure.
  8. And why do not you use Designer? Photo, like a photo editor, will always be weaker for drawing and graphics.
  9. It looks like the "Lock Children" button is still (or again?) being ignored. I believe that scaling the frame with the move tool when Lock Children is not checked should be having the desired effect, but for whatever reason it currently is not.
  10. That this button even exists and the normal move tool does not the same thing is a huge usability flaw. I hope you can see that. This is likely one of the things you get used to and blind vor over time. One day you wake up and this feels natural because you saw it so often. With a fresh view of a newbie you see the problems. This is why we do hallway testing in software development because seeing the whole day the same thing makes you blind.
  11. Old Bruce

    Designer crashed on new layer properties

    Not happening here with Sierra 10.12.6 and Designer 1.6.1
  12. I'd still like 6374 / 12902 to be solved.
  13. thanks after the use of edit content directly the size of the image related the the picture Frame gets lost. So increasing the size of the picture frame doesnt scale up the image it just shows the formerly hidden parts of the image. Is there a way around?
  14. View > View Mode > Clip to Canvas is not ticked I will wager. The tip off is where on the ruler your "0" is at the page edge.
  15. Yeah. I'm now thinking this is even better than PS! I can selectively undo prior adjustments! Woo! Thank you both for your help!
  16. You could set the visibility for the adjustment layer in the layers panel. Cross posting but you found it
  17. Okay, I can commit the adjustment and then show/hide it and then double-click on it to make changes if I want.
  18. I found the easiest way is to drag them into from an open Explorer window. The place tool kind a su... err... does not fit in my workflow.
  19. Exactly what i meant ! That Home Persona can be an enhancement of the Welcome/Splash Screen allowing us to view our recent using miniatures. Don't laugh but we often give funny names to project thus making it a bit hard to find which one is the correct project. So having a welcome screen where we can view miniature of the project would help us quickly decide which one to open.
  20. I have the same use case like Steps - I also want to create a Photobook with Publisher. By the way: Is there a opportunity to keep my own pictures in the studio. The place image tools shows my selected images but only until i use another tool. The stock "visual" does this for stock photos.
  21. The snapping magnet must be on and you drag the sub-layer(the image) only but slowly inside the PF with the move tool @Seneca sorry for answering ahead of you. @Steps that button will take you to the move tool and selects the containing image inside the PF
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